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When will OnePlus present the OxygenOS 11 operating system, based on Android 11

OnePlus has managed in the last few years to prove that you don’t have to be Google to have the latest version of Android on your devices quickly. Thus, the news that the Chinese manufacturer plans to reveal the first details about its version of software based on Android 11 just before the official launch of the operating system is not exactly surprising. OnePlus has announced when it will unveil HydrogenOS 11, the Chinese version of OxygenOS 11, the version that will arrive on international devices.

Android 11 has not been released yet, but OnePlus will soon present OxygenOS 11
The details we have at the moment about HydrogenOS 11 suggest that the new customized version of Android from OnePlus will integrate new visual elements, new functions for the company’s devices and “a new interactive concept”. This suggests that OnePlus will give up the simplicity that has consecrated its devices so far, in favor of a slightly more personalized interface than before.

But HydrogenOS 11 will not be extremely different from OxygenOS 11. In fact, the only real difference between them is the presence of Google services. As OnePlus phones with HydrogenOS are sold exclusively in China, they do not have Google services pre-installed, they are completely blocked in the country. As a result, OxyegenOS, the international version, will most likely look and work the same, but with the services of Google.

OnePlus is one of the companies that launches the fastest Android updates

Last year, OxygenOS 10, based on Android 10, was released about a week after Google officially launched the operating system. In fact, the following OnePlus models that appeared a month later, came with the new operating system pre-installed. Thus, since the launch of Android 11 is scheduled for September, most likely OxygenOS 11 could be released shortly after.

Among the new features expected for HydrogenOS 11 / OxygenOS 11 is the “always-on display” on compatible devices. The OnePlus 8T series could be the first to come with this feature from the factory, being expected in October.

The presentation of HydrogenOS 11 is scheduled for August 10 in China, exclusively through the social media platform Weibo.

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