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We Might Get an iOS 11 Jailbreak in the Near Future


The iOS 11 public beta has been dubbed as a “jailbreak killer” that should not be installed by those using an unlocked iOS device. But what if we could have a jailbreaking tool for iOS 11?

This might seem unlikely considering that Apple is steadily increasing the security of its mobile operating software. However, it has already been proven that iOS 11 can indeed be jailbroken. Security research group Tencent Keen Lab demoed a jailbreaking tool on a device running iOS 11 beta 2 during the Mobile Security Conference, which was held in China on June 23. The demo also showed the jailbreak running on a device with iOS 10.3.2.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Tencent Keen Lab is developing a jailbreaking tool that it would release to the public. Considering that the event was a conference for security researchers, the demo was most likely just that — a demonstration that there are ways to hack even the most secure platforms, such as Apple’s iOS.

However, the demo proves one thing: it is possible to find exploits in iOS 11 and create a jailbreaking tool for it. This is something that the team behind Tigris is taking advantage of.

Reddit user Antique_Dev has banded with other Redittors including BallisticDiamond, coolfool245, and NickiLolzz to create a jailbreaking tool for iOS 11 codenamed “Tigris”. The team will be working on the jailbreaking using iPhone 6 and iPod Touch 6G devices, although they’re planning to make the tool available to all 64-bit devices that are running on iOS 11.

Antique_Dev reveals that the team has “some knowledge of C+ and somewhat advanced knowledge of ObjC”. He admits that the creating the jailbreak would take some time since they’re making it from scratch. They’re also planning to make it stable and semi-untethered.

Many people in the jailbreaking community are happy and excited about this news, but there are also those who believe that the team won’t be able to make the Tigris jailbreak a reality.

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