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Which video editing software is best for amateurs? [Siusto List]


Are you an amateur filmmaker or a novice in creating professional video? Today, we’ll be showing you some of the best software you can use for video editing.

The process of creating videos can be easy or complex depending on factors such as tools, experience, and of course expectation. While it is possible to easily convert PowerPoint files to Video, you can go all the way to record, edit and upload your videos on your mainstream channels.

Meanwhile, Siusto has compiled this short list of the best video editing software for you.


Best video editing software

  1. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is an essential video editing software designed specifically for amateurs in the video sphere. One of the key highlights of this software is its automated editing options which come with step-by-step guidance; hence, new users can intuitively create professional videos with prior experience. Besides, you can add stylish titles/captions, transitions, effects, and themes to create colourful videos for your video editing career.

  1. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is not only the fastest video renderer around today but it is also comprehensive video editing software. On the other hand, novice filmmakers can easily familiarise with its tools and features through the comprehensive tutorials incorporated with the software. In addition, PowerDirector comes with creative plugins and effects packs which allow you to create dynamic video projects. Also, you can upload your created video project to the CyberLink Cloud when you purchase this software for just $79.99.

  1. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is an intuitive video editing software which is perfect for all skill levels. You can easily edit 4k, 360 degrees, and HD videos with this tool. Besides that, Corel VideoStudio comes with over 1500 effects and filters which allow you to edit your videos based on preference. Moreover, VideoStudio is only available for a payment of $69.99.

  1. Apple iMovie

Mac users can enjoy this proprietary video editing software which comes with Mac OS PC. With iMovie, you can edit your videos with premium quality filters to generate professional videos. Also, this free video editing software integrates with audio and social media platforms such as iTunes, GarageBand, iMessage, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

  1. Lumen 5

Lumen5 is the ideal video editing software for content marketers who want to quickly generate video promos for their blog posts. With this tool, you can automate your video creation process and add some media elements such as music, screenshots, gifs, or video clips through its drag-and-drop interface. Besides that, this tool allows you to create 480p videos on the free version while you can upgrade to 1080p HD at $50 per month.

You can get started quickly in creating professional videos by using any of the video editing software which we mentioned on our list. Once you’re done with that, you can drop a link to your video in the comment box below.


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