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Updating Adobe Flash Player – The Fastest and Simplest Way to Staying Safe


There is a lot of controversy surrounding Adobe Flash Player and there are numerous examples of how much harm can befall a system that uses an outdated version of Flash Player. If you are using Flash Player, you must update it to the latest version as soon as possible, whenever a new version is available.

Why update?

Whenever a new update is pushed, Adobe implements more security changes and bolsters the defenses of the software. Without the additional protection, your copy of Flash Player wouldn’t be able to deal with the latest cyber threats and hacking initiatives surfacing online. Updating means that you are doing everything you can to stay safe and protect the integrity of your system.

Make sure you need an update

If you are not sure whether or not you have the latest version of Flash Player installed, you can find out easily by visiting their official website. There, you can use the Check Now button in order to see if the latest released version is already installed on your device. From there, you will know what your next step will be based on the result. Clicking this link will send you directly to Adobe’s “check for the latest version” page.

Preparing to install

If you do indeed need to install the latest version, you need to prepare first by closing all the open applications on your device. Having them open can interfere with the process and often times, Adobe will prompt you to close everything before starting, anyway. Doing it on your own will allow you to save your work in progress and make sure you don’t lose any important data.

Once everything is closed, you can head over to the Adobe web page and look for the big yellow button that says Install Now. Click it and simply follow the steps provided in order to install the latest build.  Make sure to properly choose your system’s specific OS in order to get the correct version of Flash Player installed.


The installation process is easy to follow as you just need to hit Next a couple of times. Once you are guided to the end of the installation wizard and the software installs, it’s time to re-check which version of the service you are currently using. If the installation is successful, you should see a different version than the one you saw initially. If it’s the same one, it means that the update was unsuccessful. That is, of course, provided your current version was not in fact the most recent version after all. That is why it’s helpful to check for this detail before beginning the update process.

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