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Update Adobe Flash Player To Get The Latest Features


Updates for Adobe Flash Player can be easily acquired by simply allowing the software to install updates automatically. Users of Google Chrome will be able to receive updates via Google update mechanisms. However, it will not be available for ActiveX Flash Player on Windows 10 and 8.1. You will be able to update immediately by typing this link on your browser:

Support For D2D Vector Printing

The said updates will be able to fix issues from the previous version of Adobe Flash Player. Such would include the following:

  • Issues regarding removeMovieClip() method, which was not working.
  • Unexpected quitting of viewer application.
  • Flash Player quitting unexpectedly when interacting with site tabs.

In the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, you can get support for D2D Vector Printing. Such feature will bring back the vector printing feature in the Immersive IE environment of Windows 8 and in Microsoft Edge of Windows 10.

Although this might not enhance speed of printing, it would reduce the input of data size. At first, for ActiveX Windows 8.1 and higher, there is a mixed way to print D2D Bitmap + GDI Vector. Now, printing of Vector will be done via D2D application program interfaces (API) in Windows 10 and 8.1. However, there are no differences when it comes to Actionscript APIs.

The release of new Adobe Flash Player is intended to fix issues such as bug fixes, security updates, and other features. If you have set the Allow Adobe Flash Player to install updates, then, the update mechanism will update automatically to its latest version within the next 24 hours. You can also visit the official website https://www.get.adobe/flashplayer to update your version of the app as quickly as possible. If you are still using Adobe Flash Player in your browser, then you have to comply in order to avoid security vulnerabilities.

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