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Top Media Player for Android Devices


Media player serves an integral role for an android phone. Having an app that allows users watch movies and listen to music is a good suggestion. Media player comes in different version and different names and brand. Here is a list of top media player you can use on your android:

  • MX Player

MX Player is a very unique app that stands out amongst many other media players. The player is programmed with a UPS that is sensitive to touch. With this feature, users can change the length, brightness and volume of the video just by touching the screen or sliding the screen of your device. The only challenge of MX Player in recent years is managing the ads. You can subscribe to a pro version to eliminate the ads.

  • VLC

This is one of the most used media player. It can be used on android and laptops. The VLC player plays any video format thrown at it. It has a very intriguing feature that allows user control the screen; decide its brightness, volume and more. It also has the picture in picture mode feature unlike in MX player. The picture quality is brilliant and clear. The app does not have any ad like in the MX player. It rates 4.4 stars on play store with over 1million review.


KM player is a free Android video player app that can substitute the other players in all ways. KM player is an upgraded version of the MX player as it has all the features of the MX player and more. The app can access and play every video regardless of the video format.  The app displays adverts but better than MX player.

  • Vidmate

This media player can do lot of things. Vidmate is a media app that allows you download videos, apps, and games and still plays media. The media player is no longer in vogue but still has multiple functions. The major challenge of this video player is that it is too sensitive to touch. Unlike the MX player, when using vidmate, one needs to be careful while swiping or scrolling the screen.

  • Kodi

This media player unlike others is not an offline player. The app works perfectly with your TV set which will be installed with Kodi using amazon fire stick or an android box. Kodi also broaden your connectivity as Kodi can also connect to Netflix and can stream movies directly from the internet.

Apart from the media app listed above, there are so many others you can try such as BS player, Google Play Music, Plex, Real Player and more. These players are free and relatively good. Be sure of getting the best media services by downloading any media app of your choice.

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