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The October Update for Windows 10 is still not Working for Some Users


The October update for Windows 10, also known as version 1809, became popular soon after it was released. Users have been waiting for it for a long time because it is supposed to be bug-free. However, it looks like the new version is not as easy to install as it should be.

Some users reported that they experienced different issues when they tried to install the Windows 10 October update. The main problem is that the new version was not available on every PC based on Windows 10. Users are very disappointed about this, because the October update comes without any bugs and new, exciting features.

The new Windows 10 version promises to provide an enhanced user experience

According to the latest news, Microsoft worked on some changes for the Windows 10 October update. The new version should have been available for every user around the middle of December.

However, this didn’t happen, since a large number of people using this OS say that they still can’t install the update on their systems. They cannot find it even if they manually look for it.

This is not good news for Microsoft, especially considering the fact that earlier issues have been reported within the update. Just to mention a few we will say that some drivers were not compatible, systems showed some errors and a few bugs were deleting a part of the users’ files.

Under these conditions, Microsoft advised users not to download the October update, as they will fix the errors and release an improved version. It looks like they still didn’t manage to solve the issues or, if they did, most Windows 10 users cannot see any improvement. Let’s wait and see what happens from now on.

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