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The Difference Between Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 is More Significant Than $120


Christmas is coming and everybody is looking for the best present to make a beloved person happy. Smartwatches are inspired presents nowadays, especially if we are trying to surprise a ”tech geek”. If you started looking for such a gadget, you definitely noticed that there are a lot of options to choose from. In this case, how do you know which is the right one?

We might be able to help. According to the latest trends, Apple smartwatches are the customers’ favourite. It’s no wonder, since these objects come with cool features and awesome specs. Apple’s most recent releases are the smartwatches from series 3 and 4.

Here are some differences between the two types of devices

A notable difference between series 3 and 4 Apple watches is size. The newer watch comes with a much larger screen. Thanks to this improvement, users can see the icons and read their messages a lot clearer. Besides, the smartwatch from the 4th series has a thinner shape and better working speed.

The price is another notable difference. The 4 series Apple smartwatch which has 44mm costs around $420. Meanwhile, a Series 3 gadget with 42mm is more budget-friendly. Its price can start from $390.

In terms of functionality, both watches have similar capacities. Both of them come with heart sensors situated on the part that stays attached to your wrist. Thanks to this sensor and a smart app, you can measure and keep track of your heart rate. Smartwatches from both series take the information concerning your health into Apple’s main health APK.

You can use both Apple watches to keep track of your workouts, how many steps you take and info about your breathing. Furthermore, the device from 4th series can take an Electro-Cardiogram (EKG). Also, thanks to apps like “Sleep ++” you’ll be able to monitor your sleep as well.

That’s not all! Find out more about each smartwatch and decide which one you’ll buy.

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