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Take a Look At The Android Versions Distribution Numbers For September

Android VersionAugust 2017September 2017
Android Marshmallow32.3%32.2%
Android Lollipop29.2%28.8%
Android KitKat16%15.1%
Android Nougat13.5%15.8%
Android Jelly Bean7.6%6.9%
Android Ice Cream Sandwich0.7%0.6%
Android Gingerbread0.7%0.6%

If you were curious to find out which are the Android distribution numbers for a seven day period that ended on September 11, you can take a look at the latest information released by Google. The company usually makes public the distribution numbers for Android once a month and they published their security bulletin details earlier this month now new data can show us which are the most popular Android versions. Since this was only a small research that lasted seven days and it only analyzed devices that entered the Google Play Store in that interval.

Android Nougat is going up while the others versions are down

It doesn’t surprise anyone that Nougat is the only Android version that is going up. Despite the fact that it was launched last year, Nougat has only recently become available for numerous devices. Therefore we can easily understand why there is a rise from 13.5% to 15.8% of active devices. And we can expect those numbers to grow since the Nougat update has already been announced for a list of devices. Marshmallow still has the most Android users, but there was a slight drop from 32.3% in August to 32.2% in September. And the numbers will continue to decrease since both Nougat and the new Oreo will probably conquer many users in the future.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Android Gingerbread have the lowest positions and they both went down from 0.7% in August to 0.6% in September.

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