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Secret Alien Mission Activated in GTA Online


After a couple of years of hunting, looking through the code and following every inch of the popular game, GTA 5 fans have found the life they were looking for. But we’re talking about GTA, right? So this discovery is tightly connected to murder and digital stealing.

The History of the Discovery

A couple of weeks ago, players got the chance to explore the Gunrunning Update. Along with it, they saw the appearance of new weapons, massive bunkers placed underground and some new vehicles in GTA Online. But besides the front row changes, there were also some surprises buried in the code. The files and the code hinted to a possible alien UFO crashing that took place outside the Zancudo military base.

Needless to say, players were really excited about the possibility of having to solve a mystery that had something to do with an alien egg. Obviously, the alien egg was connected to the suspected event, so they had to figure out what was with all that.

The Search and the Result

People who were part of the Team Guru (a modding group for GTA V that also takes care of mystery hunting) started spending lots of time digging and looking for a way to enable the alien mission. One of the members, Polivilas, created a tool they used to change the variables inside the game until they could activate the supply mission by force.

However, until the developers will activate the mission properly with the GTA Online updates, we don’t even know whether this is the final version or not. Moreover, we have no certainty that it will be eventually added to the game or not. Rockstar may even decide to take the entire idea back, a decision that would certainly make many fans disappointed.

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