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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Razer Phone – Best Design, Specs and Features Coomparison

You already know what Samsung Galaxy S8 can do, being one of the Android flagships of 2017. But how will it compete against the Razer Phone?

Looking at the Razer company we see that this is their first handheld device, while Samsung has been in this market for many, many years. This doesn’t mean that Razer will not chip in a powerful smartphone with a great screen, great speakers and a huge battery.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the number one Android Smartphone right now, so what better opponent to compete against the Razer Phone?

Check out below a full comparison regarding design, display, OS and specs, camera and life power and finally, the prices.


This is a subjective opinion, where users might want a blocky, plain black Razer Phone, with big bezels in which there are two huge and powerful speakers. The Razer Phone has a fingerprint scanner on the side and the power button. For those who prefer a curved look, tiny bezels and a slightly curved back covered in glass, they will go for the Galaxy S8.

In terms of size, Razer Phone is 158.50 x 77.70 x 8.00 and the Galaxy S8 is a lot smaller and lighter: 148.90 x 68.10 x 8.00.


Here is where Razer wins the battle: it has a QHD resolution on a 5.72-inch display coming with a 1440 x 2560 resolution on its LCD screen. It also has a 120 Hz refresh rate and it can get to 120fps – a feature that most of the smartphones don’t have it. But hey, we’re talking about a company that creates devices especially for gaming.

What can the Galaxy S8 do about it? Well, it comes with other great abilities: it has a 5.8-inch screen and a better resolution (1440 x 2960), it has AMOLED technology (with lower refresh rates and frame rates) that will deliver a great experience through its vibrant colors and its amazing contrast.

OS and Specs

The power on these two smartphones are similar.

The Razer Phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with eight cores and 8 GB of RAM.

The Galaxy S8 has two models: one for the US – Snapdragon 835 and one for the rest of the countries – octa-core Exynos 8895, coming with 4 GB of RAM.

The only difference here is that the Razer Phone has double the RAM.

Both smartphones run on Android Nougat, but Razer has confirmed that they are working on updating their product, and we also expect it to happen to the Galaxy S8.

Camera and Life Power

The Razer Phone comes with a 12 MP dual lens camera setup, featuring a simple camera app that will not be appealing to those who want to take photographs with it.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera has the same 12 MP camera, but it is single lens. However, it takes good photographs and has more mods than the Razer Phone (pro mode and more options).

As for the front cameras, both smartphones come with an 8 MP lens, but the Galaxy S8 has a larger lens opening (f/1.7 aperture, compared to f/2.0 – from the Razer camera).

The battery inside the Razer Phone is larger than most batteries in today’s smartphones (except for Huawei Mate 10 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro) – it is a 4,000mAh battery that will keep up with an all-day gaming, according to what Razer has promised us.

The Galaxy S8 has a 3,000mAh battery that should last through the day with only one charging.


The Razer Phone will have a launching price of $699 (SIM-free), while the Samsung Galaxy S8 is $725.


While we have seen some similarities between these two smartphones, there sure are a lot of differences that will divide users into two groups.

A group of users will definitely go for the Razer Phone if they’re interested in huge refresh rates and fps, bigger RAM, amazing speakers and a longer battery life. The other group will go for a better design, with a curved OLED screen and a better app for the camera.

Both smartphones are great, and it all comes to what you expect to get from your handheld device.

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