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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Newest Updates Available


Many rumors are surrounding Samsung’s latest device Galaxy Note 8 and some of them are not very exciting. According to recent leaks, the South Korean company has created a device which will not have an in-screen fingerprint reader. This is not great news for Android lovers since they wanted the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to use similar top notch technology as its rival: Apple’s iPhone 8.

New rumors on price

According to the Korean website Osen, the price for a 64GB Galaxy Note 8 will start around 1,100 $. It is a high price (250$ more than the 64GB Galaxy S8 Plus) and it costs much more than the iPhone 7 Plus with a 256GB of internal space (130$ more). The website also believes that the 128GB Galaxy Note 8 will be even more expensive.

Why will the cost be so high? Most Samsung fans might feel a little disappointed for the high price needed to purchase a Galaxy Note 8, however, one explanation given by the Osen website is the component’s price. The scandal surrounding the Galaxy Note 7, which had deficient components causing the smart phone’s explosion, has made the Samsung company invest more on component’s quality.

Why is this decision bothering some smartphone users? Because Apple has also announced that the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive one made so far because of the Touch ID display feature. However, the technology investment is behind this decision.

Interesting features of the Galaxy Note 8 device

According to tech websites (Osen), the device will use an expandable microSD and the release date will be on August 26th. Also this smartphone will be the first Samsung device to offer premium dual cameras. It will also offer 6GB of RAM and a 6.3-inch Infinity Display.

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