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Red Dead Redemption 2 Announcement and New DLC for GTA 5


Rockstar’s success on the market is not surprising if we take a look at all their projects. The company still works to create content for Grand Theft Auto, prepares to launch their upcoming Red Dead Redemption game. On top of it all, fans already suspect that Rockstar is working hard at Grand Theft Auto 6. Overall, this is a productive year for Rockstar and the past week has proved it.

Update for Red Dead Redemption 2

After months of silence, Rockstar finally revealed that we will receive a Red Dead 2 announcement Thursday, September 28 at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm UK. Fans had to decipher this news, since Rockstar just tweeted an image with the date, using the game’s colour scheme and font. We don’t know yet what will happen on that date, but players seem to believe that a new trailer will be released.

 DLC for Grand Theft Auto V

On August 29th GTA Online received the Smugglers Run update. Now Rockstar is bringing new content and it added new DLC for it. A team-based mode and a new plane represent the newest additions. Here’s how Rockstar described it: “Put your piloting proficiency to the test in Bombushka Run, the latest mode to hit GTA Online. Two teams of up to four square off, with one side piloting the heavily armed Bombushka as the other attempts to bring the beast down with a swarm of Buzzard Attack Helicopters. Teams then switch sides, and whichever one survives the longest while piloting the Bombushka scores the victory. It’s the classic game of cat and mouse, except the mouse is an enormous Cold War bomber bristling with .50 Cal Turrets and the cats get armed copters.”

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  1. Musicker says

    “DLC for Grand Theft Auto V”
    No… not DLC for Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V is a separate game from GTA ONLINE, and has not gotten any DLC at all since it was released. I sure wish these folks supposedly reporting “News” would learn the difference between the games. One would think after 4 years of them both being released, the difference would become obvious.

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