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Reached the first buyers, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is reported for camera problems


Some Galaxy Note 20 Ultra specimens are claimed by users for the appearance of condensation and even dust particles under the camera lens, problems that affect the clarity of the photos obtained.

Most likely, these problems are not a design flaw and are limited to a small batch of Note 20 Ultra units coming out of the factory gate without sufficiently strict quality control. It could be Samsung’s fault, as the company is putting pressure on compliance with the delivery deadlines set in preparation for the launch event.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phones with camera assembly issues

Specifically, the employees of the factories used by Samsung to manufacture the new flagship would have incorrectly assembled the camera module, leaving visible spaces between the lenses and the glass shield applied on the back of the phone. Because it communicates directly with the outside of the case, the leaky area of ​​the case favors the accumulation of dust particles and even the appearance of condensation, if the phone is exposed to sufficiently large temperature variations in a high humidity environment.

Except for the more or less noticeable impairment of the quality of pictures taken using the main camera, the defect should not affect the normal operation of the phone, the vulnerable electronic components remaining well protected from the outside environment.

Unfortunately for the unlucky ones who encounter this manufacturing defect, the solution can only be an appointment at the service center to replace the phone, preferably after Samsung will formally recognize the reported problem.

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