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Pokemon Go Generation 3 Release Date Prediction According to Niantic Labs Update Pattern


Niantic Labs promised that it will refresh the world of Pokemon Go by introducing the new Generation 3. However, Niantic Labs didn’t confirm an official release date for Generation 3 because it wanted to avoid unnecessary pressure from fans. Today we are going to look at how much time Niantic Labs needed to launch the already existing Pokemon Generations and do our best to predict when Generation 3 is going to arrive.

Generation 3

The reason why the entire Pokemon Go fanbase is highly anticipating Generation 3 to arrive is because it will make the game so much better than it already is. First off, Generation 3 is said to include 107 new Pokemon. This is great news since it means that Pokemon Go fans are going to have a bunch of new Pokemon to search for and capture.

The second reason why people are so enthusiastic about Generation 3 is because players can expect it to introduce many new Legendaries alongside other overpowered Pokemon. Things get even better since certain Pokemon will also receive new evolutions and baby forms.

Slow Release Date

Even though Niantic Labs is known for rolling out many updates throughout the years, we advise Pokemon Go fans to not hold their breath until Generation 3 arrives since Niantic Labs is also known for taking its time when it comes to major updates.

The game was originally launched on 7/6/2016 which means that Niantic Labs waited until 2/15/2017 before it released Generation 2 and until 7/22/2017 to unveil Legendary Birds. With that in mind, Niantic Labs seems to need somewhere around 6 to 8 months to develop a major update.

Worth mentioning is that we are not including special releases such as Shiny Pokemon or Pikachu Hat Events. Nonetheless, if Niantic Labs sticks to its traditional release schedule then it means that Generation 3 is going to drop somewhere around 12/15/2017.

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