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OnePlus has installed an application on users’ phones without their consent


In the past, Apple and other companies have been criticized for installing or downloading without the consent of users of applications or even music albums. OnePlus joins these companies that are vigorously promoting their applications, downloading a new application dedicated to OnePlus Buds headphones on the smartphones of OnePlus phone users. In fact, this application is available exclusively on OnePlus phones, not others with Android.

The year 2020 seems to be a major change in the strategy and approach of the OnePlus brand. After the launch of significantly more expensive phones than in the past, the launch of its first mid-range phone and the announcement of a proprietary interface for Oxygen OS 11, which gives up the classic one without aggressive customizations.

Thus, for some of the users, this step could be the drop that fills the glass, after a series of strange decisions. OnePlus Buds provides the necessary settings for true wireless headphones. But not all OnePlus phone users plan to buy such headphones. In fact, the company was already criticized for allowing Facebook to preinstall the application on OnePlus devices, without the possibility of being uninstalled quickly.

Users have started to “fight” against the OnePlus Buds app and leave negative, one-star reviews on its Google Play Store page. This is similar to the last few months faced by Google, which also sent the Pixel Buds application to users’ devices without their consent.

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