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Newest Viral Android Apps For This Week

The Android operating system has many users and fans and the high amount of apps is definitely a plus. Below there is a list of the newest apps for Android which you should be aware of.

Inside Music

This newly launched software from Google is an experiment which seeks to make users understand how music is made. To create this new app, Google collaborated with Song Exploder (podcast) and several artists such as Perfume Genius, Natalia Lafourcade, Ibeyi, Alarm Will Sound, Clipping and Phoenix.

When inside the app, users can select a song of one of the mentioned artists and the site will transform to WebVR format. Users can listen to the song and enjoy a 360-degree view of virtual balls containing layers from the song they are listening to. Music lovers or enthusiasts can turn each ball off or add elements to the song.

AR Atom Visualizer

This ARCore-based app was released by Google last week. This augmented reality platform for Android allows users to see 3D animated visualizations of atom models. The models can be visualized in the form of the Bohr model or with the quantum mechanical model. User can select from 118 elements they want to see in 3D.

Vive La Humble Mobile Bundle

This French game bundle uses a paid three level system. The more you pay the more games you get. For 1 $ Android users can get the games Mechanic Escape, Pang Adventures and unWorded.

Mechanic Escape is a platformer type of game. Pang Adventures and unWorded follow the style of classic arcade and puzzle games.

The Pang Adventures is a series of popular videogames using the 90s style. Two brothers travel the world and try to save humanity from a giant alien invasion.

unWorded is a puzzle game with everything built from letters.

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