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iPhone X Geekbench Test Shows What an Amazing Phone It Truly Is


Apple’s more than the recent reveal of their new line of iPhones to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the much coveted phone received mixed reviews. In fact, the iPhone 8 is getting a lukewarm response as far as sales are concerned as we speak. Pre-orders for it aren’t looking great, but many believe that it’s just because the iPhone X is overshadowing tremendously. The iPhone X is the true anniversary smartphone here, a luxury item that costs well over the thousand dollar mark.

Geekbench Test Is Proof of iPhone X Power

But is its titanic price justified in any way? There were many skeptics on this topic until recently, but a new Geekbench test blew everyone out of the water on the iPhone X topic. It seems that the iPhone X does indeed live up to its reputation, and this is mainly due to its amazing and state of the art Apple-made A11 Bionic chipset.

The iPhone X got a mark of 4,188 points for the single-core test, and then it went on and got a whopping 10,069 points for the multi-core test on Geekbench. These scores are more than impressive. There is rarely a flagship that hits these amounts. In fact, older iPhones and Android devices alike failed to get scores so high, so maybe there’s something special about the iPhone X after all.

The A11 Bionic chipset that the iPhone X comes equipped with is a hexa-core one. Although a lot of people claim that other phones have octa-core processors and more RAM than the iPhone X’s seemingly meager 3GB, at the end of the day iPhones are still some of the best performing phones out there. This happens because you don’t need the most RAM or the most cores, you just need all of these to work at their maximum potential when paired up.

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