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iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X – How to Fix Charging Issues


Does your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X has issues with charging? Have you noticed that after a full night of charging, it hasn’t charged, and you need to go out with your phone dead phone?

Today we all need a fully charged phone with us whenever we’re out: it’s either for entertaining- listening to music on your way to work, or for using it to make phone calls. And this means that you need it fully charged.

We’re here to find a solution to your problem. Let’s look at this issue from all possible angles and see how to fix your dead iPhone.

Charging Issues – iPhone X

There might be a problem with your lightning port that may have gathered some debris or dust and the contact between the charging port and the cable in not perfect.

Some phones won’t charge at all, while others would charge from time to time. There are situations when they show the charging symbol, but they don’t actually charge.

Some people try to fix these issues by wiggling the cables inside the charging ports or keeping the cable in different angles, but this is only a temporary solution.

What we’re after is a permanent fix that will rid us of this issue once and for all.

Here is How to Fix your iPhone’s Charging Problem

The charging port is usually a place where dust gathers and other debris from where you keep the iPhone (a bag or pockets). The tiny whole also gathers moisture from the air that gets in there and in time it will create a layer of corrosion on the metal parts. This means that your iPhone might have either a dusty/dirty lightning port, or there is some corrosion on its contacts.

What we’re going to do is clean the charging port. You must be careful and use the right tools for it.

Before Fixing the Charging Port, Look at Other Components

Sometimes the problem is more obvious. Maybe your iPhone won’t charge because the cable is kinked or frayed. Or maybe your dog chewed a part of it. This means that you must change the cable and see if you’ve fixed the charging issue. Look for an original Apple lightning cable and buy it.

If you’re used to charging your iPhone on a computer, try to do change it to a wall adapter and see if the issue persists. Maybe your PC cannot properly charge your devices.

Change the wall adapter and see if the problem was the charging unit, before trying to fix your phone.

If these methods didn’t save the charging issue, then you can start the cleaning procedure, following these next steps.

Cleaning the Lightning Port

No matter what iPhone you use, be it an old model or this year’s flagships – iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus or iPhone X, you must turn off your device before starting the cleaning process.

Removing Corrosion

  1. Try to polish the corrosion by plugging and unplugging the lightning cable for about 10 times.
  2. Add some electrical contact cleaner on a Q-tip. The cleaner will remove dirt, corrosion or oil from the charging port’s contacts.
  3. Gently insert the Q-tip into the charging port to clean the contacts, and then take it out.
  4. Spray the cleaner on the cable plug and clean it. Insert the cable plug into the charging port and wiggle it a little.

Attention: do not spray directly inside your phone’s lightning port, as it might damage other inside parts!

  1. After you made sure everything is cleaned, wait for at least a minute to have both the contacts on the cable and the ones inside the lightning port dry. After that you may turn on your iPhone.

Removing Dust, Debris or Dirt

Find a fine brush, such as a nylon bristled makeup brush, or an interdental brush. You can also use a very sharp tipped wooden toothpick to remove any dirt from the inside corners of the lightning port.

  1. Get a flashlight and a magnifying glass to have a better look inside the lightning port.
  2. Check inside the lightning port for dirt or debris – at the bottom and at the corners, and carefully scrape and remove it.
  3. Get a compressed canned air and spray inside the charging port to remove the remaining dust.
  4. Clean the inside of the lightning port with a Q-tip that you have previously dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Allow the port a minute or two to dry before turning your iPhone on.

Have the cleaning methods been enough to repair your non-charging issue? If not, check the next fix.

The Device Continues to Have Charging Issues

You’ve wiped everything exactly as we suggested, and the iPhone won’t charge. Verify again if the cable and the wall adapter are properly working. Borrow another Apple device and try the cable and the all adapter on them to see if these are your problems.

If both the cable and the adapter are properly working, then you should perform a hard reset to your iPhone.

Find the right combination of buttons for your iPhone and perform the hard reset. Sometimes software would cause charging issues. If neither method worked for you, then the next step is contacting the Apple Support.

Tip: Clean your devices from time to time to maintain them in prime condition. Choose the right tools and carefully clean them, remembering to have your device turned off when you do it.

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