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How Android Fans View the New iPhone X


iPhone X has been recently released by Apple and its features are definitely top-notch. However, many critics consider that the device was created by Apple to appease iPhone users, not to appeal Android or users of other OS.

Some things noticed by an Android user

The new iPhone X has a radical design which means that Apple is always looking forward to be one of the best on the market by reinventing its devices and giving them a fresh look. Android users have noticed that and they consider it a good sign.

A second thing that needs to be mentioned is the new hardware design. Some enjoy the bezel-less screens, while others are not fans. The device also has a glossy back and a protruding dual camera module. The frontal camera is also very noticeable and anything but discrete.

iPhone X’s hardware is impressive

The upgrades used by Apple in this device include a battery which lasts two hours more than the one used for iPhone 7 and the first ever GPU designed by the company itself. The cameras include large sensors to rivals Android OS smartphones.

The Qi wireless charging is a plus feature which helps convert wireless charging into a popular method and it is a standard used by Samsung as well.

The Face ID feature might represent the future we are heading into, but plenty disagree with replacing Touch ID. Even if this measure was partially due to bezel-les devices, Touch ID sensor could have been placed on the back side of the phone. This is the case for LG, Huawei and Google and so far no customers complained. However, Apple would not want to do the same as anyone else. It is expected that Android OEMs will also start to use Face ID in the future.

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