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Hidden iOS 11 Feature to Shut Down Your iPad or iPhone Without The Power Button


iOS 11 was an important OS upgrade since it brought many improvements that many users needed. This update covered everything, from major changes, such as the new image formats that should be better for your storage, and the brand new Control Center, to minor additions such as the redesign of some interface elements.

iOS 11 also managed to be one of the most popular iOS versions, since almost 40% of all iOS devices are running it and it hasn’t been out for even a month. This is also an advantage for iOS users since sometimes Android devices have to wait years in order to get the latest OS version. Worse than that, more than 80% Android users have Android versions that are a least two years old.

While iOS 11 comes with many impressive features that have been appreciated by users, there are some iOS 11 options that are not that well-known. Today we are here to share one of them with you.

Shut down your device without using the power button

There may be some cases when your power button may not be working that well and you do not want to use it too often. The good news is that iOS 11 allows you to shut down your device without using any buttons. In order to do that, all you have to do is head over to the Settings app and open the General menu. There scroll until you find the “Shut Down” option. When you tap it you will notice that a “slide to power off” option will show up on your screen. Simply slide and your device will shut down right away. While you may not need this feature, it is nice to know there is an alternative.

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