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GTA V 2.0 Mod with Flash is an Amazing WIP


There are a lot of GTA enthusiasts out there but some of them went as far as creating mods on different themes in GTA V. There’s this great modder, by the name of JulioNIB who actually created some superhero versions of GTA V and they look amazing.

Before working on an improved Flash version JulioNIB launched this summer a second version of GTA V Iron Man mod. He has been working on improving the Iron Man version too by adding new effects, animations, sounds and more.

GTA V Flash 2.0 is a WIP

This time JulioNIB is working on a Flash mod, version 2.0 in which he is also working on enhancing his previous mod by adding more combat moves such as Super Melee Attack, Heart Attack, Tornado Attack and some physics improvement in sprinting and other animations.

He also posted a video to show his work in progress and it really is a tease for a lot of GTA V and DC enthusiasts. Of course the video shows a villain Flash kicking a lot of innocent citizen and even ripping their hearts off, but it looks like a fun mod nonetheless. You can also throw lightning bolts, so who wouldn’t want to play GTA V Flash? That’s why some people are a bit jealous.

Players Thoughts on JulioNIB’s GTA Mods

JulioNIB has a Patreon account through which he started again the work on his mods, which are pay to play by being available only via Patreon subscription.

Some players complain about the mods not being free; they’re saying that JulioNIB is using copyrighted game and comics’ material and making money off it, while some defend him by saying that although he uses the game and fiction, he actually worked on that mod and it should be paid if anyone wanted to use it.

The thing is that those who complain about the copyright issue are not really concerned about that thing as much as they really want the mod as a free content.

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