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Google Play Store Problems/Issues That You Can Solve Easily


When you are faced with issues about the Play Store, you should know that there are several fixes that you can do to address them. In fact, most users have experienced such at some point in time. It can be issues about downloading apps, some crashes, and unresponsiveness, but good thing there are effective solutions that correspond to each of them.

Date And Time Settings

The Play Store often gets issues, particularly when Google couldn’t find time and date. This is because it could have a hard time syncing the device, causing the Play Store to react. This can be solved by going to Settings > System > Date and Time. Enable the Automatic Date and Time by toggling it on.

Internet Connection

You can also have issues with the Play Store if you don’t have a reliable Internet connection. Thus, you can solve this issue by switching from mobile data to Wi-Fi or vice versa. If the problem still exists, try rebooting your mobile device and see if the problem has been solved.

Latest Version Of Google Play Store

When the latest version of Google Play Store has been released, there is a possibility that you wouldn’t get the update right away. You might get the update easily via the Play Store APK file. You can download it from a trusted source.

Clear The Cache

You can also address the issues that you might have encountered in the Play Store by emptying the cache. Take note that the cache is a storage area that would hold the data temporarily. This is intended to retrieve data quickly without being reloaded. Emptying this area would be able to resolve your problem.  Just go to Settings > Apps > Application manager > Storage > Clear cache.

Clear The Play Store Data

This option will be able to delete the data from the Play Store, which can be traced back to the first time the app was installed and used. This should be able to resolve the data that might be causing the app to behave unexpectedly. Just go to Settings > Apps > Application manager > Clear data > Storage > Clear data.

Clear Google Play Services Data

Another thing that could be causing the issues in the Play Store is the Google Play Service. The Play Store serves as the heart, while the Google Play Services serves as the soul of your smartphone or tablet. This option should work if clearing the data or the cache wouldn’t work the first time. Simply go to Settings > Application manager > Storage > Clear cache. You can also hit Manage space or Manage storage > Clear All data, in order to solve the problem.

Latest Version Of Google Play

You may also want to update the Google Play Services and the Play Store to its latest version in order to solve this dilemma. Take note that the latest version should be the most stable, so you must keep this updated most of the time.

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