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Google Play Store APK Beta Version

An app is supposedly a solution to a problem that users have. If you are an app developer, finding a problem and creating solutions for that problem is your main bread and butter. Thus it is important to you that you do not add to the problem a user is experiencing with a half-baked solution.

Google Play understands this and has created a mechanism that helps developers avoid potentially losing users due to a faulty or buggy update.

If you have published an app via Google Play Store then you may avail of the benefits of Google Play Beta Testing.

This feature allows you to test out your new app updates to a fraction of your user group. Allowing you to check and see if your new updates ‘click and work’ before rolling it out for all of your user base.

Using Google Play Beta testing is a good practice especially if you are just new to the app game and it is your first time introducing an app to the world. Releasing on beta first will ensure that you will spot early on bugs that might discourage your potential users from using your app.

There are currently three different ways that Google allows you to setup your beta testing process.

  1. The first one is called Open Beta, which allows anyone who has your link to be a beta tester. The downside with this method is that testers won’t be able to leave reviews for the app.
  2. The second way is done through email and is called Closed Beta with Email. This is a more exclusive way to beta test your product with only those whom you invite via email can have access to your beta version.
  3. The last one is called Closed Beta with Google+ Communities. For this one you will have to peruse Google+, which is an exclusive way but a great way nonetheless to build a community.

Installing via APK can sometimes cause problems. Learn how to fix your phone when Google Play Services Stops now.

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