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Google Earth Flight Simulator Can Be Activated When Needed


You can easily fly a plane using the Google Earth flight simulator. Well, here are tips that you can use to fly around the world without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Requirements For Using Flight Simulator

  • Simply have the latest version of Google Earth on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer
  • You also need a mouse, keyboard, or joystick to take advantage of its features

Choosing Your Plane Type

Of course, you are given the opportunity to choose the type of aircraft you are going to fly, where to begin, and how to control your vehicle. However, if you are going to change your aircraft, controller or location, you have to exit the flight simulator first.

  • The SR22 is fit for beginners learning how to fly for the first time
  • Skilled pilots may use the F-16 in order to climb straight up

You can start from a certain point that you might desire.

  • Use the Current View if you are going to start from your current location
  • However, use Airport if you want to begin there in which you can pick from a dropdown list

Flight controllers can also be set up using the mouse or joystick. Here are tips for you to mimic.

  • Computer mouse – simply put your cursor at the middle of the screen, then you are required to click the mouse button only once.
  • Computer joystick – this is option, but you still can use this if you want. So, look at the option under Joystick Support. Check the Joystick Enabled option if you want to use this feature.

Take note that you can monitor Google Earth activities during your flight. This can be done via the head-up display. If you need help from this point, you simply just press Ctrl + h, which is applicable for Linux and Windows platforms.

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