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Get Instant Apps from Google Play Services


Have you ever wondered about what an app has to offer without installing it? Yes you have, and in most cases if not all, (there is no workaround) you have to go through the hassle of installing an app to see if it has what you need, only to uninstall moments later if it does not. These are crude procedures that waste your time, but are necessary especially if you are in need of and looking for a particular service.

There is a new service being tested by Google that aims to help improve the user experience of Android device users. This arduous process will be bypass once this new feature by Google gets rolled out for all Android devices. Right now there are only a select number who have been given the opportunity to take advantage of such a great service.

What is Android Instant Apps?

It is basically a cloud-based version of the app you are trying use and install. Instant Apps lets you test and use what an app has to offer without downloading it and installing it on your mobile device. This is a neat new feature that saves you time, effort, and the extra hassle if you decide later on that the app is not for you. And despite what you might think, this is also an advantage for app developers, since it lets them showcase their apps easier and faster.

It has been confirmed by Google that by August of this year, there are already 500 million devices that support Android Instant Apps. To check if your Android device can use this new feature by Google, all you have to do is to go to your settings page and go to Google’s setting options and check to see if there is an “Instant Apps” menu item. If you see one, then you are free to take advantage of this cool and neat feature.

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