Fixing iPhone Home Button Crashes/Malfunctions

It is important to note that the Home button of your iPhones gets overused over a span of time. This is the main reason why your iOS devices experience crashes and malfunctions. This might be a major issue, but you can actually fix it on your own.

Common Reasons Behind The Issue

The common reason behind this issue is the software, particularly when it doesn’t respond promptly, as you press the Home button. As the software becomes corrupted or overloaded, the Home button will stop working. Sometimes, it is caused by hardware problems, such as general wear and tear, and dislodged Home button.

Fixing The Home Button

Directional problems can also be indicative of damaged Home button. But, if you can live with that just like other people, then you don’t have to settle for repairs.

Otherwise, you can use the Assistive Touch feature of your iOS device. When activated, you can use it instead of the Home button. If your device’s warranty has already expired, then you can just consider this as an alternative solution.

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