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Fix: Adobe Flash Player Plugin Blocked even though it is set to Allow On All under Content Settings


Back in July, there was a problem reported by more users on Google Chrome Help Forum stating that the Flash plugin is blocked even though it was set to Allow On All in Content Settings. The issue was more frequently seen on the Spotify Web Player, and JustDanceNow and users’ solutions involved switching to other browsers such as Firefox as Chrome was always blocked.

Potential fixes for the Chrome issue

When users went to the chrome://components page to update any plugin or component, clicking on the Check for update button told them the following: Status – Component Not Updated. It wasn’t able to be fixed no matter what they did.

A community specialist addressed the issue on the same forum and gave users more potential solutions. Here they are:

  1. Fixing Flash audio and video

The Adobe Flash player allows you to hear and see Flash audio and video content on Chrome. When you visit a page that has Flash content you have to click on Click to enable Adobe Flash Player and confirm your choice by clicking on Allow.

You are also advised to change your default Flash setting:

  • Always ask to run Flash (recommended)
  • Always allow Flash on trusted sites
  • Always block Flash

If Flash is still not working try the following steps:

  • Turn on Flash.
  • Update Flash.
  • Update Chrome.
  • Reinstall Flash.
  1. Remove unwanted ads, pop-ups, and malware.

First, remove unwanted programs from Chrome and when the browser offers to remove these, click on Remove then reboot.

It is also recommended to reset your browser settings. For this, you have to open Chrome and go to Settings. At the bottom, go on and click on Advanced and then on Reset.

  1. A user also offered this solution:

Type the following: chrome://flags in your address bar. Then, find Run all Flash content. For sites that have been set to “allow” Flash content, run all content including any that has been deemed unimportant.

Set the flag to Enabled and then restart your browser.