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Enable Adobe Flash Player In Windows 10 Step by Step


Lots of you probably know already that the Adobe Flash Player is soon going to be out the market because of its plenty security issues. For this reason, the app has been disabled for the Microsoft Edge browser for Windows 10. However, there still are lots of websites that make use of Flash content. As such, perhaps there are still users out there interested in enabling this program on their Windows 10 OS.

Does It Work for the Creators Update?

If you are one of the users who have updated already to the Windows 10 Creators Update, you might have noticed that Microsoft decided to implement this program as a click-to-play by default. As such, the tech giant is not letting the Player be enabled for all the websites. Check what version of Windows 10 you have by going to Settings/ System/ About. If the version there is 1703, follow the next steps:

  1. Open your Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Check the address bar, where you will see a small puzzle piece icon.
  3. Click on the icon.
  4. From the message that appears, choose either Allow once or Always Allow in order to enable Flash Player on your website.
  5. Remember that you have to do this for every website you visit and want to run Adobe Flash Player on it.

If you want to make your life easier, then you can set Always allow for the Flash player content on a particular website which is your favorite. As such, you save yourself the time and effort of setting it manually every time you visit the website.

In case you stumble upon a website that doesn’t have the puzzle icon obviously visible in the address bar, then most likely it doesn’t have Flash so you don’t need that program.