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[Download] WhatsApp Update with New PiP Feature


WhatsApp is hands down the most popular instant messaging service in the world, with a user base of 1.3 billion. That means that a lot of people open WhatsApp every day or at least periodically and use it to communicate to loved ones. Due to its immense popularity, the Facebook owned app keeps implementing more and more feature so as to make it more attractive to new users, as well as loyal ones. So what is WhatsApp up to this time? Keep reading to find out.

Picture in Picture Mode for Bette Video Calls

The brand new feature that WhatsApp has been testing out since July is picture in picture (PiP) mode for video calling. But what does this mean more specifically? Well, now when engaging on a WhatsApp video call, you can resize the video call window to make it smaller and then drag it somewhere along the screen. In this way, you can multitask and do other things on your phone and tablet while still maintaining an active video call with your friend, family member, significant other and so on.

WhatsApp picture in picture mode is not the first of its kind, but it’s definitely a step forward for the app which has been growing in front of our very eyes in recent months. If WhatsApp keeps up the good work, its user base will definitely increase. And even though WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, it still keeps doing its own thing, which is amazing. While more and more people try to steer clear of social media, instant messaging will die out a lot harder, especially when it’s safe and encrypted like WhatsApp is.

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