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[Download] Upcoming Clash Royale Mode: Touchdown


There was a new Clash Royale livestream, and we got a chance to take a look at the latest Clash Royale mode. The developers showed off this new mode, and we actually saw some teams playing it. The new mode is named Touchdown, and just as the name suggests, it will bring some Football flavor to Clash Royale.  The new mode will come in the upcoming Clash Royale update, and you can expect them both in October.

Rules and format

The new mode will be available in 2v2 (although this might change in the future) and the battle will take place on a football field. This means that there will be no bridges, rivers, or towers for kings and princesses. Instead, the troops will battle each other directly, and the first one that gets in the end zone of the other one will get a Touchdown and it will receive a crown. As always, three crowns means you win the game. Since there won’t be a king tower, you need all the three crown in order to win the match.

Obviously, there will be some cards that won’t appear in the new mode, since you could win the game automatically with them. This includes all troops that can get to the other side easily, such as Miner, Bats, Mega Knight, Flying Machine, Hog Rider, Cannon and others. Some cards can only be used from a specific part of field, but spells can be used anywhere, the same way it worked before.

The touchdown mode also comes with a cute design inspired by football. Not only that the players will battle on a football field, but there will be bleachers on the side and you can actually see Clash Royale characters sitting there and cheering on the teams.

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