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[Download] Google Earth APK Update and Start Virtually Flying Right Now


Have you ever dreamed of flying around the globe? Well, Google Earth can help you achieve that dream. Google Earth is a free program that enables people to get a sky view of the Earth through high-resolution graphics and satellite images.

The pictures that Google Earth offers are very detailed in high populated areas such as cities which means that people can see their houses from a satellite point of view. This free program is truly amazing, and it shows us how far technology can evolve.


Google Earth APK Update

Even though this program seems like something that’s taken out of a magic book, it’s still software that requires constant maintenance in form of bug fixes. The program can now be updated to version through a recently published APK file.

Since this update comes in the form of APK, it means that users are required to manually install it themselves. Moreover, the update measures in at 9.91MB and it can only be installed on a device that runs on a minimum of Android 4.1 Jelly Beal or higher.

Regular Updates

As previously mentioned, Google Earth receives regular updates which contain maintenance patches such as bug fixes. However, these regular updates also include new images which keep changing the image set for different locations. For example, new buildings are built nearly every month in highly populated cities such as London and these regular updates make sure that those buildings are included in Google Earth’s 3D landscape mode.

Developed for the CIA

An interesting fact that most people don’t know is that Google Earth is believed to originally be developed for the CIA. The program was initially called “Earth Viewer 3D” and it was developed by a company known as “Keyhole, Inc” which is funded by the CIA. Fortunately, Google purchased Keyhole Inc. back in 2014 and made this program free for everyone.

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