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[Download] Facebook Messenger Latest APK Update With High-Quality Video Chat


There are many instant-messaging apps out there but none of them compare with Facebook Messenger. This app is bundled with the highly popular social media platform and it enables users to get in touch with whoever they want. Everybody owns a Facebook page which makes it possible for users to find anyone starting with old high school friends and ending with the local food store.


Facebook Messenger APK Update

The first thing that separates Facebook Messenger from other instant messaging apps is the number of updates that it receives. The app is always being enhanced with new bug fixes and innovative features which make the user experience so much more enjoyable. In fact, a new APK update is available for download right now.

The update changes the app’s build number to and it contains one major change. Facebook Messenger allows users to get in video or audio calls and the new update makes it easier for users to check their call history and missed calls because it places them in the same location.

High Quality Video Chat

As previously mentioned, Facebook Messenger supports video calls. This is a great feature since it means that users can get into call conferences with their work coworkers or just check in on their friends to see how they are doing. From the looks of it, Facebook Messenger is equipped with the same features as WhatsApp and Skype combined.

Playing Games and Competing with Friends

Another cool thing about Facebook Messenger is that it allows users to play games and compete with their friends. The app is filled with a bunch of games which feature a high score rank board that can be used to show how good people are at the game. Even more, some of these games feature ranks which can also be compared with friends.

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