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[Download] Chrome Update with Tab-under Behaviour Changes


We all know how annoying it is when you are accessing a site and that site opens a new tab in order to show you an ad ow a new website. This annoying thing is called tab-under behaviour, and so far there was nothing we could do in order to stop it. However, it appears that Google Chrome is finally ready to stop these abusive tabs and protect the users from it.

This behaviour will be blocked

Bleeping Computer has seen a document that confirmed that Google Chrome is working on this thing. It is probably an answer to all the criticism in the past. Users has no choice but get new tabs that redirected them to unwanted sites. Most of these ads and website were sometimes inappropriate and some of them even had sound.

Google decided to come with this measure after telemetry revealed that many users never accessed again the pages that displayed tab-under behaviour. Obviously these meant that those websites are abusive and they must be stopped. As it turns out, the company decided to work on this issue back in November last year.

Chrome’s method will alert you when this behaviour is detected

In the future, the browser will warn you whenever a website appears to be a tab-under. The warning will read “Chrome prevented content on this page from redirecting you to the following site” and it will be followed by the link of that site. The text of the alert might change until this feature is released. We do not know yet if Google Chrome will display this alert before a new tab is created or after. However, the first version makes more sense so this is the one we are hoping to see once Chrome will launch this function.

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