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Clash of Clans Builders Base Tips and Tricks


Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games out there. And its number of players keeps growing. In order to keep the fanbase happy, Supercell improves the game constantly. The Builders Base update, the latest addition, came with several big changes. Basically, the players got another village. The update has been out for a while now so let us look at some strategies that can help you excel at the new battle mode.

Versus Battle

The new Builders Base update also came with a new battle mode. This will help you gain resources for you secondary base. And it even has one advantage compared to the other mode: you won’t spend any resources in order to create you troops. Most of your resources will come from battling. However, you only gain resources from your first three wins of that day, after that you can only win trophies.

Improving your Builder Base

You should focus your attention on the base’s buildings. Unless you build and you upgrade everything that is available, you won’t be able to upgrade your Builder Hall. Leveling up your Builder Hall is important for Versus Battle and we will soon see why.

Leveling up unlocks new troops

New troops and troops upgrades will become available as you level up. You will get the Rage Barbarian and the Sneaky Archer at level two, the Beta Minion and the Boxer Giant at level three and the Bomber and the Baby Giant at level four. Once you reach level five you will unlock the Battle Machine. The Enraged Barbarians are Barbarians that have more Speed and Damage, the Sneaky Archers can stay undetected for a few seconds, and the Boxer Giant can deal additional damage with the Power Punch.

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