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How to Check What is the Adobe Flash Player Version Your PC is Using


Flash Player is one of the most popular plugins in the world. This plugin is installed on computers and it integrates with the web browser to give user’s access to Flash exclusive content. Moreover, this exclusive content is usually created on the Adobe Flash platform and it includes formats such as rich internet media and audio or video streaming among many others.

How to Check Flash Player Version

Adobe developed a special utility tool which makes it possible for users to find out if Flash Player is installed on their computer or to see its version. After the tool verifies that Flash Player is installed on the user’s computer, it will automatically show if this is the latest version of the player or not. Moreover, the tool is available on Adobe’s official website in the “Help” section.

Flash Player Out of Date

In case the Flash Player version that’s installed on the user’s computer is out of date, the utility tool will automatically display the following notification: “Sorry, your computer does not have the latest Flash Player installed”.

Flash Player Not Installed

If the Adobe utility tool determines that Flash Player is not installed on the designated computer, it will provide users with a download link for the latest version of Flash Player. The only thing that users need to do now is to follow the browser-specific link which is supported by their browser.

After Flash Player is installed, the tool will highlight a Flash movie animation. However, if Flash Player is not installed accordingly, the utility tool will show a blank box instead of the previously mentioned animation.

Chrome and Edge Specific Animation

We need to mention that Google Chrome (alongside other Chromium based browsers) and Microsoft Edge feature their own Flash Player implementations. This means that Adobe’s utility tool might not work on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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