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Candy Crush Saga Tips to Get Free Lives


Anyone who owns a mobile device has played at least once Candy Crush Saga. This app managed to take over the world, and there are many people who became addicted to it. And it is easy to understand why. The app has a simple, yet effective gameplay, a colourful design and constant updates that continue to develop the story. If you are one of the persons hooked on this app, and you feel like you can’t wait until you get back your lives (but you do not want to pay for them either), here are some methods that will get you some free lives.

Free lives for the Facebook version

If you use Facebook to play Candy Crush, there is one way to get infinite lives. When you are playing on your last life go and open the game in a new tab, but do not close the first tab either. This way, when you will run out of lives in the first tab, you will still have one life waiting for you in the second tab.

Change Date & time

If you are playing the mobile version of Candy Crush Saga, you should know that there is one way to trick the game and receive more lives.

If you own an Android device, go to the phone settings and navigate to “Date & time”. Disable “Automatic date & time”, select “Set time” and set your clock ahead for a number of hours. For example, if you need four new lives, you will need to set it ahead for two hours.

This also works if you are an Apple user. Open settings and go to “General” and find “Date & Time”. Switch off “Set Automatically” and tap the time and set it.

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