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Apple Stops Older iOS Signing and Crushes Jailbreaking

The topic of jailbreaking certainly brings back some fond old memories. Jailbreaking has been around for a long time now, and all us Apple users out there loved it at first because it gave us a lot of never seen before possibilities and opportunities for our Apple devices. For one, jailbreaking opens up a new universe of free apps that can help you organize your phone or tablet. On top of that, jailbreaking also allows you to customize your Apple device to an extent that could not be achieved when running the original, uncracked version of the operating system.

And while Apple supported jailbreaking for a while or at least casually accepted it, now they’re trying to end it once and for all. And it seems that they’re succeeding at it too. As soon as iOS 10 came out, Apple has declared their intentions to make it impossible to jailbreak. And while a few options still managed to make their away between the cracks and come up, the current version of iOS, namely iOS 10.3.2, might be impossible to jailbreak.

Apple has just announced that software signing support for the previous version, iOS 10.3.1, will be cut off once and for all, pushing users to use only iOS 10.3.2 on their devices. This poses a lot of problems for jailbreaking. For one, if your device is already jailbroken, you will not be able to downgrade back to your normal iOS. On top of that, this hinders the famous attempt by PanGu that was supposed to come out in August terribly.

However, the end of jailbreaking might not be such a bad thing after all. Although this practice had its advantages, it was also very dangerous and many users bricked their phones or tablets attempting to. So maybe saying goodbye is not a bad thing after all.

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