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Adobe Flash Player not Working with Internet Explorer on Windows 10


When you think about Adobe Flash Player and Internet Explorer, the first word that must come to mind is “old”. However, make no mistake as there are plenty of people out there that are using both of these services. If you’re having trouble with Internet Explorer on Windows 10, you should know that you’re not the only one. Problems have been reported with said browser while trying to run Flash content. It would seem that a problem is persistent in hindering people from actually enjoying Flash content while using Flash Player in combination with Internet Explorer

The most likely problem

One of the reasons for this issue might be the fact that the version of Flash integrated into Internet Explorer is outdated. As you would imagine, having an outdated version of Adobe Flash means that Flash content will probably stop working until it is updated to the latest version. That might prove to be a lot tougher to do in reality, since Internet Explorer uses an integrated version of Flash.

Having an integrated Flash Player

Unlike other browsers, Internet Explorer as well as Microsoft Edge come with pre-installed, integrated versions of the Adobe Flash service. This means that, in theory, users don’t have to worry about updating the service or worrying about it in any way. In reality however, things are a little bit different and issues like this one occur.

The possible solution

While it might not be a very popular solution, the only thing to do at the moment seems to be switching to a new browser. If you need to be able to view Flash content, you might not want to sit around and wait until Microsoft decides to update the feature for its browsers. However, since Microsoft doesn’t want users to go and install versions of Flash on their own, the only possible solution is to switch to another browser. Other browsers allow users to install the latest version of Flash whenever they desire and don’t come with the same restrictions found with Microsoft’s browsers.

Plenty of options

While you might have wanted to solve the problem in another fashion, it’s still pleasing to know that you have a lot of options at your disposal, and that you can switch to a variety of different browsers. The most popular choices, of course, are going to be Google’s Chrome browser and Firefox from Mozilla. Whichever of the two ends up being your new default browser, you can count on a reliable and fast portal to your favorite internet sites.

While it would be great if Microsoft could lift this restriction from its browsers in the future, there’s not much wiggle room around it at the moment, so those that are caught between a rock and a hard place don’t have any other solutions available.

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