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Adobe Flash Player Manually Download and Install on Phones or Tablets


The Adobe Flash Player was very popular on Android, used to play online games or watch TV from smartphones. It was also an app which iOS devices do not have.

Adobe dropped Flash Player from Google Play Store

The American software company Adobe has released its last Android version back in 2012, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The Jelly Bean Flash Player experienced certain issues and it was dropped from the mobile platform.

Recently, Adobe realized that many still want to use the platform and has allowed users to download Flash player versions from its website. However, users need to know that there are no more security updates, bug fixes or official support for the Flash Player.

Some Flash Player users warn others that they might experience several inconveniences when installing manually Flash Player on devices running new Android operating systems such as Lollipop, Marshmallow or KitKat.

Browsers which still support Flash Player


This browser runs Flash Player in the cloud as if it was running locally. It allows users to play games, watch Tv or videos and access Flash content.
For those concerned with online security, Flash Player with the Puffin browser encrypts your browsing activity and has a quick speed.

How is it possible? The cloud servers are based in the United States, but it also means that content outside the U.S might be unavailable.

Dolphin Video

The Dolphin Video Flash Player allows users to access online videos. Users can watch videos which use Flash and the browser also supports most other formats. Another plus is that the browser makes a list of all the videos you have saved on your device, making it easier for user to keep a track of what they saw or want to see in the future.

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