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Adobe Flash Player Issues and Fixes for Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer users might have some difficulties viewing Flash content when they’re browsing the internet. Nowadays, such a problem isn’t abnormal since both Flash Player and Internet Explorer itself are old services that are slowly falling behind and will eventually become obsolete. For the time being however they still have loyal fan bases and you can find quite a few people that enjoy using the two services together. So what can be done about not being able to view Flash content on websites opened with Internet Explorer?

Making sure Flash is enabled

In order to view Flash content, you, of course, need to have Flash enabled on your browser. There is a really simple and quick way to do this manually. Here are the steps you need to take in order to ensure that Flash is active:

  1. In order to get access to an important option, you first need to access a website or platform that features rich media content. This is the only way to trigger the Shockwave option which we will mention further down the line.
  2. After you’ve accessed such a site, your next step is to open the Tools menu. From here, you need to click on the Manage Add-Ons option, which will take you to the screen from which you can enable Flash correctly.
  3. From the list of add-ons that appears, you need to search for Shockwave Flash Object. This is an add-on that will pop up in the list if you’ve accessed a rich media content website or online platform, thus the importance of step 1.
  4. Click the Enable button for that add-on and then close the window altogether. The first part of solving the problem is now done, so we’re moving to the second phase, which is disabling ActiveX.
  5. While on a rich media content page, open the Tools menu once again and look for the Safety submenu. From there, you can choose ActiveX Filtering. Disable that option.

That’s about it. If you have followed these simple steps correctly, your Internet Explorer browser should now have no problem in efficiently displaying Flash content. There’s one more thing that you need to do in order to make sure that there aren’t any more issues with the service. After you’ve completed the above steps, make sure to close the browser completely. Now, you can open it again and see if the solution worked for you by trying to view Flash content.

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