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Adobe Flash Player Demise – Who’s Going to Be Affected?


We’ve been announced for a long time about Adobe’s plans on ending support for their Flash Player and even then, the announcement wasn’t quite a big surprise.

It’s time that the Flash player ended its long reign in the online space. There are other ways of replacing it, and many browsers, app developers or companies have turned away from using Flash Player. And they were right to do so, since 2020 will be the time when we say good-bye to Flash for eternity.

Why is Flash Player no Longer Getting Support from Adobe?

A lot of browsers have stopped from showing Flash content already as they prepare to step into a new tech era. This means that this format is no longer useful, as it has already found a replacement: HTML5.

Flash wasn’t supported from Apple mobile phones from the beginning, which might have had a say in Flash’s demise.

The nostalgia hits us, of course, when we think at the good times we had at the beginning with the online games, video and animation content that Flash brought us. But now HTML5 can do all of these and be more reliable, stable and secure. Remember that Flash is prone to security hacks, as it was until a few years ago one of the most used plug-in on all websites.

But what happens to other companies or developers that still use Flash Player and how will they be impacted when it’s gone? Let’s see some of the issues they’ll encounter and how they’re going to solve them in order to keep up with the tech tide.

First of All: Move on to Other Formats

Those who have used Flash Player in building their products will have to find other formats that render the same options in order to provide animations, or video content.

Legacy Software: Risky Business

If the legacy software is dependent on Flash Player in order to run then companies are in for a bad time. They will have to find a way to get a hold of the original source code or to get in touch with the designers that created it in order to move or re-create their software with a different digital format.

Retraining: Flash Engineers Must Learn Other Programs

Turning away from flash to another format means that engineers that used Flash should trained to work on a different program, such as HTML5. It’s either getting trained or getting other employees. A faster switch to HTML5 will save the company from crumbling.

Keep Up or Go Down

Looking from a business perspective, changing a program will prove a good solution for businesses that relied on old techs for a long time, so Adobe is actually encouraging companies to upgrade, update and keep up with the technology.

Mobile Tech is Flourishing Without Flash Support

Mobile devices don’t show any Flash websites so for a flourishing business, companies should look toward being mobile friendly and this means letting go of Flash Player.

Old Games Will die But User Experience Will be Better

Keep in mind that old online games will die if they haven’t been updated to HTML5 versions. A lot of browsers have started hiding flash content in order to make it less annoying to users so companies will have no benefit in making Flash content anymore.

As a conclusion, users will not be affected by the discontinuing of Flash support, on the contrary, they will be in a more secure cyberspace, and enjoy a better user experience.

But businesses will be affected if they don’t change their digital format. They will have to choose and save their companies by keeping up with technology and upgrading their content.