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Adobe Flash Player Critical Security Updates Users Need To Know


Adobe Flash Player received security updates, particularly the one released on June 13, 2017. This was intended for Flash Player running on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Macintosh computers. According to Adobe, this update was made to address the critical vulnerabilities that would allow an attacker to take control of a system.

Version of Adobe Flash Player and earlier will be affected by this update. The products include Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime, Adobe Flash Player for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, and for Google Chrome.

Update Flash Player Plug-In

If you want to verify the said version of Flash Player already installed on your system, you can freely visit the official site with this link Alternatively, you can simply right-click on the running content in Flash Player in which you can choose About Adobe Flash Player or About Adobe Macromedia from the menu. In the event that you are using several browsers, you need to check each browser that you have installed the plug-in on your system.

Details of Vulnerability

  • Use After Free – the vulnerability impact of this category is the remote code execution, which is categorized as critical.
  • Memory Corruption – this uses remote code execution, which also categorizes the impact as critical.

Take note that Adobe recommends that users should update their copy of Adobe Flash Player to through the product’s update mechanism or via the Adobe Flash Player Download Center.

Flash Player will automatically be updated on Google Chrome to its latest, which includes the version for Macintosh, Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux. Likewise, those installed on Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge for Windows 8.1 and 10 will receive the latest version automatically.

Just select the option Allow Adobe to Install Updates and you will receive updates automatically. If you don’t allow Adobe to engage in automatic updates, you can use the update mechanism within the product.

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