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Activate YouTube using YouTube.Com/Activate


The popular American video-sharing website offers a wide range of shows, videos and other things such as friendly educational content, tutorials etc. The platform works with most operating systems and web browsers and people enjoy it on their phone, tablet or computers. Some like to watch YouTube shows on their giant TV screen.

Smart Tvs can connect to YouTube and it has it as an incorporate app, while other TVs need devices such as Kodi, Xbox One, PS3 or 4, Roku and others to connect to it. There are plenty of options to choose from and each one requires different ways to activate YouTube.

How to activate YouTube on Smart TVs

In order to activate YouTube using a Smart TV all it takes is trying to find the YouTube app. If the Smart TV is one of the few which do not support a YouTube app, then the new YouTube App must be built-in.

To verify what kind of YouTube app is available, the users must open it, go to the Gear icon, Sign in and an eight digit code will appear. Enter the code using a PC or a phone and sign in with the Google account. Enter the eight digit code and click on Allow access.

Activate YouTube on PS or Xbox One

The process is pretty similar and it involves going to the YouTube app and connect. The ode given must be introduced at and then sign in using a Google account. The code has to be entered and click on Allow access.

Learn to activate YouTube on Roku

To activate YouTube on Roku is very easy. The user need to sign in from, enter the code and then connect to YouTube. Then click on Allow access.

YouTube is a popular platform and full of content.