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The New Clash of Clans Update – New Units, Balancing, Offense and Defense

As you may well be aware of by now, Clash of Clans is getting a new update called the Builder Hall 6 update. While this particular one isn’t as massive as the much-expected May 2017 Shipwreck/Builder Base update, it still brings a few new things worth talking about. Let’s see what they are.

New Units

First and foremost, it’s important to mention that the Builder Hall 6 update for Clash of Clans comes with two brand new units. These are the Night Witch and the Roaster. These two units are a valuable addition to any player’s roster because they are effective against both air and ground enemy units. The Night Witch also has a whopping 200 HP, as well as the ability to conjure up a swarm of bats.

The Roaster on the other hand is also quite effective, but for different reasons. For one, the Roaster in Clash of Clans can move across 7 tiles at once and it also has the ability to inflict 16 damage points after it reaches level 6.


  • 50% less on Clock Tower duration
  • 7 hour Clock Tower cooldown instead of the 8 hours it took before
  • 8x instead of 10x for the speed up multiplier


  • Levels 6-10 for the Battle Machine
  • Levels 11-12 for all Troops with the condition that the Star Laboratory gets a level 6 upgrade


  • +1 Mine
  • +1 Mega Mine
  • +4 Walls
  • +1 Archer Tower
  • +1 Crusher


  • One Archer Tower in your Town Hall can be Geared Up in the same way as a Cannon. You need your Home Village Archer Tower to be level 10 at least and your Builder Base Archer Tower to hit level 6 in order to do this.
  • Gem Mines, Clock Towers, storages and resource collectors get a level 6 upgrade.
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