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30 Years Later, Why Solitaire Is Still Fun To Play?


Solitaire was invented for Windows back in 1990 by Wes Cherry, and the game is commonly known as Klondike. However, the earliest printed reference of Solitaire is much older, but today we’ll talk about the computer version of the famous card game. According to Microsoft, there are about 35 million people who still play Solitaire each month, and that’s an impressive number.

What could possibly make Solitaire still be popular over three decades since its creation by Cherry? There are so many 3D games with high graphics performance out there, and so many people still prefer old games like Solitaire. The card game is indeed very fun to play, and we have several simple explanations for that:

It relaxes the brain

Any Solitaire player has to admit that the game doesn’t demand a high level of logical thinking or attention. Instead, it triggers a soft mental activity that relaxes the brain and reduces stress.

You can play it entirely on your own

Solitaire is one of the very few games that you can play satisfactorily on your own, without the need to compete with others. This means that you can play the game pretty much when and where you want.

It’s so easy to play!

Solitaire doesn’t require general knowledge or any advanced gaming skills from the player. You just need to remember a few simple rules and get a standard deck of 52 cards ready. However, the software version of Solitaire will get that deck ready for you. You can play the game either on a PC, tablet, smartphone, and more. You’ll easily find it online for free.

It became an obsession for many

Solitaire is created to be extremely addictive. Maressa Hecht Orzack is another ‘victim’ of the game and also a computer addiction researcher. She revealed that her growing addiction to Solitaire led her to neglect her work and even fall asleep at the computer.

Solitaire has been through a long and incredible journey, considering that it has gained its huge popularity after initially being introduced by Microsoft to PCs as a method to teach people how to use a mouse.

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