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10 Popular Social Mobile Word Games of 2021


It is totally normal to like word games – they’re fun, addictive, and they train your brainpower. You can use them for entertainment or educational purposes, and there’s no wonder why teachers and children in schools are also playing them. But playing word games with others will make them twice as exciting, as it’s in human nature to be willing to compete with others.

Word games represent a great way of improving your vocabulary and language skills, and we can be glad that there are so many such games available on the internet and built for mobile devices. Here are some of those creations that are still popular in 2021:

Alphabear: Words Across Time

In this game, you’ll have to spell English words by selecting letters within a puzzle grid. Bears appear when you spell words out of letters that are adjacent to each other. The bear gets bigger as you use more letters. But don’t panic, as this is the way you’ll be earning points in Alphabear! Just spell those words carefully!


If you want to prove to your friends and relatives that you’re a walking dictionary, playing Word Scramble is the solution. In this highly notorious game, two to four players aim to score points by placing tiles of a single letter onto a board divided into a 15×15 grid of squares. The tiles have to form words that can be read both horizontally and vertically.


In Taboo, up to 10 players are accepted. The opposing team has the mission to guess a word that has certain clues missing. Taboo requires plenty of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Word Chums

Word Chums may look strikingly similar to Scrabble at first glance, but it’s actually quite different. Word Chumps brings great word challenges, leaderboards, fun graphics, and even a mode that includes 3 and 4 players. Therefore, you can play the game with both your brothers and your parents at the same time!

Words with Friends

Word with Friends is a highly addictive game where even a single word can make the difference between victory and defeat. The Solo Challenge of the game represents a great way to build your vocabulary by yourself. You can also use a little Word Cheat to solve your puzzles easily.


Playing Hangman with a friend allows you too to save a poor imaginary man from the gallow. This game is proof that knowledge can save lives, as you’ll have to guess letters to win the game. However, Hangman also involves luck, as one of the players has to guess words or phrases by using one letter at a time.


In Wordox, you can do a lot of crazy stuff, such as ‘stealing’ words from your opponent and getting control of the board. You usually start by playing a word on the 9×9 board. The player who first marks 25 points wins.

Ruzzle Free

Ruzzle Free reaches the top 10 word games in 145 countries, according to the game’s Play Store page. Ruzzle Free implies that the players finds as many words as possible in under two minutes. You’ll have to swipe over the scrambled letters to build the words and collect more points than your opponent by using bonus tiles.


Why not battle others through knowledge and text? BattleText gives you exactly that chance, and it provides many exciting features that will train your brain and improve your vocabulary. BattleText is also a fast-paced game, and that’s great since we’re all living in a world where time is a luxury we don’t always have!

Boggle With Friends

Boggle With Friends is pretty similar to the usual Boggle game. The players get a 4×4 grid of randomized letters, and the goal is to connect adjacent letters to form as many words as possible. This game involves fun modes, puzzling twists, and daily challenges! You can invite your friends over and spell out together the most words possible in under two minutes.

Feel free to tell us in a comment which one of these games is your favourite and why!

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